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Please have a look through our website to help you answer any questions you may have and check out our FAQ below!


We will contact you if space becomes available, if you do not hear from us it means the event has sold out. Please CHECK your junk mail. We may fill space by age grouping which means someone later on the list than you may receive entry details before you.

In the message please note your dancers name and date of birth and styles applying for.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q: I ordered my program online and i haven’t received it in the mail yet.
A: We manage this the following way:
1. A First Draft program link is EMAILED to all pre-purchasers for checking spelling etc
2. A Final Version program is ELECTRONICALLY UPLOADED to the GTB App (GTB Dance) and website
3. A password is emailed to entrants only to receive the electronic download program

Q: How do I get viewing tickets?
A: From 2018 all solo/duo/trio sections will be FREE viewing, for Groups and Special events (Hip Hop nights, Championships, Gala etc) there will be a small charge at the door. National Finals will attract door viewing charges for all events.

Q: Does my child need a competitor pass and how do i get one?
A: Yes, each child requires a new competitor pass for every event. These passes last the duration of the event including both solo and group routines. You can pre-purchase these online before the event or at the ticket desk on the day. If you are participating in groups make sure you speak to your studio teacher/owner to see if they have pre-purchased them!

Q: I entered my child into a wrong age group/wrong section.
A: Thats okay! We are here to help! Just send us an email with your child’s name, comp location and your specific request and we can help change that for you!

Q: What are your age cut offs?
A: FOR SOLOS: Each individual competition start date FOR TROUPES:  age as at January 1 year of competition

Q: How do I enter Championships?
A: You cannot simply enter Championships prior to a competition, a place in Champs has to be earned via qualifying methods outlined in our “Championships” section of our website.

Q: My Child has changed Dance Studios since entry, how do i change it?
A: You actually don’t have to do anything prior to the competition, We don’t print Studio names in the program or use the Studio names for any individual need. We only require them at Championships time where we will ask for confirmation then.

Q: Can i film my child or take photos when he/she dances?
A: We don’t allow this due to child safety concerns. Being a public performance, we need limitations as to who is filming or taking photos at any stage, and to police this we offer a blanket “no photography or filming policy. We do have a photo/video company that travel with us and offer photos/videos of your childs performance(s). In addition to this there is a “zero photo/video” policy in force for all dressing rooms.

Q: When do I need to arrive at a competition?
A: Music is handed in an hour to 30 minutes before the start of a section, so anytime before that. Keep an eye on updates if we are running ahead of time.

Q: Can my family come and watch my daughter/son dance, is there a fee to watch?
A: Yes anyone is welcome. From 2018 all solo/duo/trio sections will be FREE viewing, for Groups and Special events (Hip Hop nights, Championships, Gala etc) there will be a small charge at the door.

Q: What are the login details for the photos and videos?
A: Please contact BWP Studios (a third party business) direct as we don’t keep these details for each specific event. Their email is – or or 1800552728

Q: How can I contact your office if I have further questions?
A: Either fill out the form below or email us at 

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Please also familiarise yourself with our Rules and Regulations and Terms and Conditions to help answer any additional questions.

If you have further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below and we will endeavour to get back to you at our soonest convenience.

We BELIEVE that the hard work and dedication it takes to get up on stage is a great achievement on its own and while not everyone can win a trophy, everyone will receive a prize for their efforts.

Its all about FUN and cheering on your friends! If you are not fun, then don’t come to our events!!


Shannon & Felicity

Shannon, a former high profile finance executive, with contacts throughout Australia and the USA, has turned his wife’s dream into reality by creating Get the Beat and utilising his resources to turn a small competition into a highly sought after and unforgettable event. Shannon has formally played sport at a high level, representing New Zealand in Touch Rugby and Australia in Tag20 Rugby. Playing all sports, coaching, managing and directing throughout his lifetime has given him a knowledge base to be able to relate to competitors, parents, and teachers, as well as Studio owners. Shannon set up and co-created “Get Fizi” which is a child care centre based sport and dance program currently running in over 60 centres Queensland wide.

Felicity, 10 years training under Peta Norton at Paradise Performers, final years of training with Robert Sturrock. Dancer of the year finalist five years running at Peter Oxfords Showcase with National titles in Acrobatic dance. High Score of 99.7% for her Student Choreography at Showcase during her final year of competing. At 17 Felicity became a professional cheerleader for Brisbane Bullets and Brisbane Broncos. Selected for Hogs Breath TV Commercial and regularly featured in Inside Sport magazine. Danced at Jamie Myer Fight Nights and many other high-profile sporting events as seen on Fox Sports. Dance teacher and Assistant Director at UFDA (a non-eisteddfod competing dance studio) for 6 years. Now a mother of two children under 6.

Shannon & Felicity do not own or part own a Dance Studio, have no say at any Dance Studio or Club, nor ever want to be involved at any particular Dance Studio or Club at a management or ownership level.